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    • Personalities of the girls working on my hair 1
    • Stylist and learning leader on that day were friendly 1
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    • It was horrible 4
    • Wrong color and highlights 3
    • Knowledge of student 2

This school allows bullying and the students do not come first. The learning leaders don't teach you what is needed for success. Also the learning leaders color and perform hair services for each other instead of teaching the students. They do not offer iPads as advertised. The tuition is 21,000 and is really over priced. If you have an issue the staff gets together to cover there behind Add comment

I am a former student. This school portrays to be built on Christian values but in reality is the complete opposite. They are a huge scam to take your money. They don't give you your kit until your seventh week enrolled and you know absolutely nothing when you hit the floor. The allow bullying and drama. The teachers don't care sincerely for the students. It's terrible I was very disappointed to see the reality of the school. I held them to much higher standards. They are not what they portray. Do not waste your money there. They also don't... Read more

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I am reading all these negative reviews about how the beauty school affiliated to Paul Mitchell has "ruined your hair" Well quite simply these are students who are learning the art of being a stylist. In no way are they there yet! YOU KNOW THIS UP FRONT! YOU KNOW THAT THEY ARE STUDENTS! Stop your whining if you don't want to be a test subject don't go to a beauty school to get a service. GO TO A SALON! These students are doing the best they know how at this time and expecting them to know everything just because they get to use better... Read more

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I realize this is a hair school, but that is no excuse for poor customer service. I was assigned to a student and I asked if she was comfortable working with coarse African American hair. She said she had done one person of color hair. I said ok and we proceeded to the wash room. She started washing the top of my hair never washing the sides and back. Then she proceeded to put conditioner on my hair and I inquired about the sides and back. I asked her to get her learning instruction so I could explain what I needed done. She became... Read more

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Do NOT go to PM Cincinnati, to get a service and especially to attend school there. It's a cady bunch of high schoolers and cady instructors, who play favs and have hall monitor syndrome real bad. They say they arnt product driven, but that's a HUGE lie. The nickel and dime the students and the clients for everything. Myself and 3 friends attended and quit, along with half of my class..... pay a few bucks extra and get your hair done right at a salon... far as school go any place else. . Avada is a much better choice. Read more

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I had hair dyed on Jan 13 and when I got home it looked like green hair at the roots. I thought it was my imagination but friends noticed it. I called on Jan 27 to make appt to get it fixed. The receptionist told me that since it was longer than 7 days I would have to pay for dye again. Nobody told me this before. I was surprised she offered no other solution. I will not be going back here since it could end up costing a person double and wasting Another day. This was the Yorktown school. Read more

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I've tried giving this place in Schenectady many chances and I have to say I've never been happy walking out of there. I went in high school for my prom hairstyles and makeup and I end up redoing myself every time. The makeup is SO heavy and I can do better without training. My hairstylist teased the *** out of my hair and killed it with hairspray. I looked awful. I went today to get my roots touched up and some icy blonde highlights put in and I walked out three hours later with the EXACT same hair color.. I thought that maybe it was just the... Read more

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I think it depends on the location and owners. Also you get out of your education what you put in. I just graduated with full honors, Deans List, and I'm going to Capers. Our tuition was $22,000 but we are one of the few locations to have I-pads and th PM apps which are amazing and help you even when your no longer in school. I worked my *** off only getting 2-4 hours of sleep a night, however I wasn't going to spend that kind of money to sit around and complain. They also tell you starting out your not going to bringing home tons of money... Read more

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Great service! The sraff has been very helpful in hearing what i wanted and giving professional recommendations. I was very pleased with the service - and you can't beat the price! I will keep coming ba:k! Add comment

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