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  • Customers like
    • Personalities of the girls working on my hair 2
    • Some of the students 2
    • Stylist and learning leader on that day were friendly 2
  • Customers don't like
    • It was horrible 4
    • Knowledge of student 3
    • Wrong color and highlights 3
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This was my first time ever going to any beauty school and the last. The teacher/instructor was very insulting and rude. She said out loud that my hair was damaged and doing a test on my hair would be a complete waste of time. If this is how they are training students to treat clients then they are setting them up fir failure. Not professional service at all. Wouldn't take my dog there to get groomed. Read more

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Got chop job twice the first one was a nightmare these two people was getting ready to graduate unbelievably. The color was also bad. DON'T go there. Makes u wonder where they will be next---poor souls. It's like driver licese, anyone can get one

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Its bad came out with chop jobs the first one the worst DON'T go there!!!

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I have just been "dropped" from a PM school with 30 days to appeal their decision. I have attended school since march, its now November. I have notes from my primary care physician and my therapist, i am also going to try to get a letter from a social worker as proof that I am a single mother, with no licence or vehicle and up until august i was in a recovery program that was made mandatory for me to complete by the state of maryland circuit... Read more

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Out of all the graduates for this school, never have your school no list a graduate. Shana' Johnson graduated on October 27, 2016 from your school. She graduated with high grades. How she was not on your Paul Mitchell media page is a mystery. I don't believe your school is that cruel. My name is Peggy Corley - 346-240-8434.

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I have been many times at paul Mitchell and they are knowledgeable, i recommend everyone who want to get a haircare with good product.

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I don't understand how someone f could mistake getting my haircut in signing up for school I think it's very rude how they responded when I said that I wasn't going to sign up for their school and I wanted to get my haircut. They hung up on me and completely ignored what I was trying to say to them. That is very unprofessional and disrespectful I don't even know if I want to get my hair done there but I don't to go all the way to Provo to get... Read more

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Been coming here for a while now. Everyone is always friendly and they do a great job! I recommend Paul Mitchell in Modesto to many of my family and friends! P

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I recently attended the Paul Mitchell school in Norman for 6mo before I dropped. Yes I do believe that the curriculum and the systems that they have for you to learn are the best, but the way the school is ran is awful. This school is way over capacity and one of the teachers even told us they were trying to reach capacity but that doesn't benefit us students because there's not enough teachers for that many students when you need help. We... Read more

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