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I went in showed them a picture of what I wanted my hair like , I have dark hair I wanted blonde with alot of highlights , they did my highlights then went in with color but they did my roots matching to my natural hair color it was supposed to be light all around , two girls who were working on my hair had to leave other girl came and said they did a terrible job they lightened my roots not happy at all had to pay for everything spent 9 hours in total there , I went to my old hairstylist and she said they did a terrible job don't go there they don't know what they're doing save your money !

Monetary Loss: $75.

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You do understand you chose to get your hair done at a SCHOOL where students are LEARNING to do hair right? You’re an idiot sounds like you are cheap and that’s what you pay for.

Now you went crawling back to your hairdresser which she probably charged you a lot because it is a big job. (Which you didn’t want to pay In the first place) She probably thinks your an *** im glad this happened to you


Then don't go to a school if you already have a hair stylist! You were obviously trying to save money and your hairstylist probably hates you now for going to some one else.

You're what we like to call a salon hopper.

The people at the school are trying to learn how could you write a bad review on students?!! ***.

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Yea but the teachers went it and tried to fix it it was that bad !


You do realize they're student, right? You sign a paper saying that you acknowledge that.

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