They tell you they are the best school, that they will prepare you for a career n that they will help you find a job!! BS!!!

Its not the best school, teachers are rude, mean and constantly fighting among each other. The only good teacher that was awesome got fired because she pissed off one of the onebees teacher with more power. They teach all this tecnique that is useless at a regular hair salon and once you graduate you are on your own. There are no jobs and no help.

You cant even apply for an assistant program since they want two years of experience!! Are you kidding me??

Review about: Paul Mitchell Schools Teacher.

Monetary Loss: $14000.

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your logic is flawed. you cant get a job, but the techniques taught weren't relevant to salon life?

how would you know? also, did you ask for help finding a job, or are you looking for a scapegoat to why you aren't working?

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All schools say they will help you get a job, but very few students get jobs through the schools placement office. They also consider it placement no matter what type of job you get after graduating.

I know a young man that graduated from a two year accounting program and he ended up bagging groceries in the same store/job that he had while attending school and the school still considered him placed. What is a onebees teacher, anyway? How do you know that you will never use the techniques you have been taught. I would be willing to bet all beauty schools basically teach the same things.

You are aware that if you go into the styling field, you will have to attend workshops/conventions/whatever fairly often, in order to keep up with the latest techniques, styles, etc. These workshops also cost money. Of course you would need two years experience in order to apply for an assistant's job. In a lot of states you can't even open your own shop until you have worked for somebody else for awhile, to gain experience.

It also shouldn't make any difference to you how the teachers treat each other.

That is strictly their business and a lot of it could be taken the wrong way by some of the students.

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