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This is the second time i have given this school a chance. I wanted black and blonde hair.

Result after 4 hours black with cotton candy blue. I had to work the next 4 days at a professional business. I came back to saloon 5 horrible days later with wearing my hear peeled back everywhere i went. 2 hours and crispy fried hair later it was at least ok to look at.

They didn't charge me, can not make up for the horror of being a professional 41 yr old with black and blue hair. The instructor spent 5 minutes explaining it was all my fault. My hair grabbed the blue, my hair was too dry. However when i came back somehow my horrible hair took the blonde that time.

They should have put a color block on the blonde but the instructors were so busy hanging out n goofing with the other students. Clearly my hair was of little importance. I go back 3 days ago, my new growth needs blonde highlights. This time they use a toner that turns my original bright pretty blonde to a dirty, dull dishwater color to match the orange they tried taking out of my roots.

The instructor again blames my new growth "it's too dry n damaged, here let me give you a repair product, once u wash ur hair a few times it will brighten right back up". What kinda ghetto school is this. I have gone to this place on and off for years. This used to be top notch.

Fortunately my best friend saw these results and will never go here. She was mortified, felt so bad for me that she offered to pay for me to get it done elsewhere. Dont need her money, all i wanted was my roots colored blonde. By the time i left i was sick to my stomach.

Do not go here. This is not the students fault, when the instructors are taught to blame the customer hair for their own mistakes this place will not get better. Its pathetic. All i wanted was to leave with blonde hair that matched what I had.

I left feeling mentally violated, believing that my hair caused the problem and a head full of dirty grey blonde hair. I felt very ugly. You wanna feel ugly inside and out when you leave a saloon, go here. Otherwise do not do it to yourself.

Go somewhere else the few dollars you save is not worth how ugly you will feel.

Pay money and make sure the saloon you go to has not hired a recent Paul Mitchell student. Their training is 3d class and your hair will show.

Product or Service Mentioned: Paul Mitchell Schools Hair Coloring.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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No wonder her hair was screwed up. She went to a saloon and not a Salon.

Simpsonville, South Carolina, United States #933886

Yea it's a school.UUmm what do you do at school? Aren't you supposed to learn how to color and cut hair before trying it out on a human?

And if people weren't "cheap" who would the students practice on?

They often have bad customer service at the schools(from the instructors, no less) and that's the number one thing the students should be learning.

to kateyaw #983893

Most people don't know this so let me educate. It takes five years to learn color.

Its extremely complex. You dont learn it I. School. Just the very basics.

In fact when you graduate you know very little. You learn from experience. Trial and error. When you graduate you are not just thrown to the dogs.

You are hired at a cheap salon who trains you more. Then after a few years you go to a pricier salon where you make more money. You will still make mistakes but less often. Then finally around your fifth year in you realise that you got it.

You finally got it and you don't have to ask senior stylists for advice anymore.

In fact younger stylists are needing YOUR help.

BTW I think your hair is lovely. Even after all those corrections I couldn't have done that while still in beauty school.

to Anonymous #986842

Totally agree with you that u learn the basics about color in school and it takes years to learn color that there is more to it than just putting it on someone's hair that everyone has underlying pigments in their hair that affect it. But I'm pretty sure none of these people who always *** and complain are perfect at there jobs and never make a mistake.......

to Anonymous #1024110

While your overall argument is correct, it also justifies everyone else's argument that she should not be going to a cosmetology school to get a complex procedure done. If, by your own admission, the skills need to perform correct hair coloring take time to develop and are unable to be learned in the short time a student spends at school, then one should not have their hair colored at a school.

Frankly I would be yelling at the esthetician that screwed up.

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #915467

Stop being so CHEAP and go to a real salon if you're not happy with the school. They are students who are still learning their craft.....hence little or no charge for their services. Get a life.

Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States #911186

It's a school, that's why you sign a waiver. I've been a hairdresser for over 20 years and can assure you that there is no such thing as a color block.

My tip? Get your wallet out and PAY to have your hair colored...good work isn't cheap and cheap work isn't good, simple as. You felt mentally violated? You sound like a whack-job.

Last, but not least, a SALOON sells alcoholic beverages. I think you mean SALON.

to Anonymous Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #915468

A thousand thumbs up to you! She's a whack job AND a whiner.

to Anonymous #949949

I completely agree, you got exactly what you paid for and deserve it, too! Good color requires a lot of experience and that doesn't come cheap.

You wouldn't have taken your car for a brake service to a student, would you? If you want high-maintenance hair, find a good salon, pay for it, be happy and don't forget to tip.

to Anonymous #965402

Beginners do not work on humans. These are Seniors.

Teachers are there to guide the student. The student does not make the choices, the teacher does. There is no reason that you can't get a good cut or color at a school, except if the teachers fail. Students will be going out into the real world as expert colorists soon.

Colorists are usually students who are more advanced, or returning professionals. It is really nasty of everyone to blame the client!

to Anonymous #1145421

Color block is a real thing. I am a professional hair stylist and it's been around for a long time.

We even used it in beauty school. I find it rather scary that you've never heard of it especially if you've been doing hair for 20 years.

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