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I had a perm done a few weeks ago and it was a horrible experience. The student left the chemicals on my neck and by the next day, my neck had a burn mark on it.

Also, the front of my hair isn't curly. It's barely wavy and it doesn't look good with the rest of my hair.

I contacted the school about my complaint and they said i would still have to pay for part of my perm re do. I'm very very unhappy!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I didn't go based on the money dumb ***. I went because a friend wanted people to come get their hair done by her since she was about to graduate from there.

She had already done a perm so I ASSUMED her and the person helping her (who was the teacher) knew what they were doing! So screw off for thinking that I went because I was being cheap.

Now get off my page. Thanks!


You were at a school, Maybe if your weren't cheap you would have gone to a salon! these kids are learning! get over it!


No I shouldnt have to be tested. These are some of the dumbest responses.

Lol! My hair should've been wrapped properly if she listened to her instructor.

Have your own opinion-but I'm not listening to it any longer. Thanks!

Deer Park, Washington, United States #912670

Should have a pre test with chemicals if you have sensitive skin. Always apply vaseline, hair conditioner to cotton wrap.

You must of felt irritation to have it blister. Informing operator of irritation so action can be taken. People do not realize how caustic perm solution is. It functions to soften the hair, allowing it to take the shape of the perm rod.

Hair straightener is LYE.

Sodium hydroxide. Yes, it will blister some people.

Greenville, South Carolina, United States #912054

Actually, I went there because a girl I'm friends with goes to that school and asked people to come there to do services. So I went to someone I trusted.

Regardless If they are students their supervisors should be monitering them and teaching them CORRECTLY, not passing them. I absolutely don't think anyone's skin should be burned, professional or not!


Its a school. They are just learning.

What do you expect. Anytime you go to a school for services expect to get inexperienced treatment.

Go to a preffesional and pay full price next time! You get what you pay for.

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